Keynote & Special Session Speakers
"New Advances in Neuroplasticity, Cognitive Neuropsychology, and Education: From the Laboratory to the Classroom"

Dr. Steven L. Miller

Elite Perfomance Institute
"Brain Plasticity-Based Therapeutics in Neurologically Struggling Children"

Dr. Michael M. Merzenich

Michael Merzenich - University of California
"Building a Brain: What the Experience and Neuroscience Tell"

Dr. Sinan Canan

Üsküdar University
"How Computer Screens Affect Our Learning Process: Insights from Neuroscience and Cognitive Research"

Dr. Arif Altun

Hacettepe University, Director of Institute of Informatics
"Educational Neuroscience and Numerical Cognition: Implications for Learning and Schooling"

Dr. Courtney Pollack

Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA
"The Effect of Physical Activities on the Mental Development of School-age Children from the Perspective of Neuroscience and Sports Sciences"

Dr. Gıyasettin Demirhan

Hacettepe University
"Neuroscience in Action Around the World to Support Student Learning"

Peter Carabi

Global Business Development for Scientific Learning
"Mindful Education"

Dr. Timur Yılmaz

Antalya Electroneurophysiology Association
"A Whole-Brain Approach towards Executive Function Development"

Cheryl Chia

Founder and Research Director of BrainFit
"Primitive Brain Development, Neuroscience and Learning Disabilities"

Dr. Mehmet Engin Uysal

BrainFit Turkey

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