Neuroscience and Learning: Making Connections

Conference participants can send a book chapter on educational neuroscience studies to the book entitled “Neuroscience and Learning: Making Connections”. In order to publish in Neuroscience and Learning: Making Connections, the authors must have attended one of the conferences organized by the ISRES organization.

Conference participants can send a paper as a book chapter, apart from the papers they present at the conference. The literature review or theoretical framework papers are preferred for publication in the annual books. All submissions will be reviewed by at least two international reviewers.

The book will provide the conference presenters with the opportunity of a scholarly refereed publication in the field of education in educational neuroscience.

Neuroscience and Learning: Making Connections will be published by ISRES Publishing.

Edited Book Publication Format

Edited book documents should be sent together with author information in the Word file. The author information will be deleted by the editors during the review process. Book chapters should be sent to the email address below.

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